How to pack for exchange

6 months! A variation of climates! Adventures you haven’t yet planned! One bag?

Written by Elyse Popplewell.

6 months! A variation of climates! Adventures you haven’t yet planned! One bag?

One bag or two?

  • I took one checked luggage bag abroad and it’s suited me quite fine. To give you context, I’m in Italy, where it was really cold upon arrival but has given me some hot days lately, so I’ve experienced both ends of the climate. I still managed to fit everything I wanted in one bag. For 6 months, one bag is definitely enough if you pack with consideration!
  • The benefits of one bag:
    -Easier to transport to and from the airport when you’re family aren’t there to help you.
    -Cheaper than two checked bags.
    -Forced to think carefully about what you actually need.
  • The benefits of two bags:
    -You’ll have enough room to bring back all the things you accumulate on the way.

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TU Delft

It has only been three weeks since I arrived in Delft and in those three weeks I have learnt more than I initially thought. To be frank the first two days were rather grueling. I had spent a month prior to my exchange trip abroad, traveling with my friends and loved ones and then to arrive in Delft not knowing anyone and without a housemate was rather tough. Continue reading “TU Delft”

Vivere una vita bella

An Italian phrase which translates to ‘live a beautiful life’, I have to say that I’m on track for creating a fantastic experience abroad. I must admit, the lead up to embarking on this adventure was nerve-wracking and emotionally charged, with stress and anxiety levels reaching an all time high. The fear of the unknown, all the ‘what ifs?’ and leaving the security blanket of familiarity was hard to overcome, but now that I’m here, all of those worries have completely dissipated. Continue reading “Vivere una vita bella”

Milano Exchange!

Global Exchange feelings and expectations – Milano

Hello Everybody !

My start to exchange was somewhat rocky… Due to peak season “Ferraugosto” time, airport closures and me trying to squeeze in as much travelling into 5 weeks of summer as possible. Finally, I have made it to Milan safe and sound ready for the semester ahead that awaits! Continue reading “Milano Exchange!”

The land of IKEA doesn’t disappoint!

Two weeks ago I arrived at Stockholm University to pick up the keys to my new home for the next 6 months. While making my way to my accommodation from campus, I had no idea how busy and exciting the next week of my life would be… Continue reading “The land of IKEA doesn’t disappoint!”

Well hello there Copenhagen!

Having spent a month traveling in Israel , I arrived in Copenhagen uncertain as to what my time here would be like. While the expectations for your experience during exchange are high, to actually arrive and be immersed in your new home is nothing I ever could of imagined. Continue reading “Well hello there Copenhagen!”