Snow to Spring in Sweden

I’m already three months into my exchange at Lund University, Sweden and have had the most incredible time! The day after we arrived, Lund experienced its biggest snowstorm of the Winter so there was no slow adjustment to the cold. Lund is a cute university town in South Sweden, and less than an hour from Copenhagen. It feels very connected, and is also ten minutes away from Malmö, the third largest city in Sweden, but has the charm of a small town, and everything is a ten-minute bike ride away. Swedes are a lot more in touch with the seasons and weather compared to Australia, where we’re spoilt for sun. The last couple of weeks have meant the start of Spring and there are daffodils growing everywhere and we celebrate the small things like the first time we don’t have to wear gloves to bike somewhere. I wanted to experience a contrast to bustling Sydney, and definitely got that- but there’s still plenty of events and culture at Lund. The university regularly hosts events with prominent speakers such as the British ambassador to Sweden, and even Bob Dylan is including Lund in his European tour this month. Continue reading “Snow to Spring in Sweden”

Tusen Takk Norway

Hi! I am Grégoire, an international student at UTS from France and currently on exchange in Oslo, Norway. Halfway through my bachelor of business I took the decision to go abroad (again yeah) for a semester. Not because I was bored of my life in Sydney but I was just craving for new places to explore. The last 3 months in Oslo have been really exciting and intense. The 1-semester time constraint forces you to do as much as you can! It’s pretty much the feeling you have when you start writing an assignment the night before it’s due. So I let you imagine how efficient you can be over a semester… 🙂 Continue reading “Tusen Takk Norway”

Head in a Fishbowl

The first thing that people would say when I told them I was going on exchange was –

“Man I totally wish I had done an exchange!”

Followed by –

“You’re going by yourself?!”

These two sentences adequately sum up my exchange experience so far, it’s always been something I’ve wanted to do knowing I would regret it if I didn’t, but also something that I knew would stretch my character. Continue reading “Head in a Fishbowl”

Olá Lisboa!

When I first arrived in Lisbon I didn’t really have any expectations but it didn’t take me long to realise how incredible the city and exchange life really is. Lisbon is located in central Portugal in the south western part of Europe. This sets it apart from many other cities in Europe as it possesses two things: warm weather and ocean beaches. Also, being one of the oldest cities in the world, Lisbon is rich in both culture and history and is also breathtakingly beautiful. Lisbon is also cheaper than many cities in Europe, making it a student’s paradise. It is for all of these reasons that I have fallen in love with the city. Continue reading “Olá Lisboa!”