Lausanne Switzerland

Lausanne Switzerland!!!! When it comes to mountains, chocolate, fresh air and cheese, Switzerland is the place to be.  It has been just over a month since I’ve arrived in Lausanne, Switzerland and I am loving the Swiss way of life.  The first week of my exchange however was quiet frankly hard and felt as if I played against Roger Federer in a game of tennis. Haha. From day one, upon arriving in Lausanne from literally the other side of the world,  I was thrown in to the deep end. Continue reading “Lausanne Switzerland”

Unpopular Opinion: Exchange is Hard

I debated for days as to whether I should stick to the norm of these blogs and sugar coat my experience with tales of beautiful scenery, new friends and experiences (all relevant), but I think it is really important for anyone considering exchange to understand that it isn’t just easy breezy socialising and flirting about in a new country. It’s hard and it’s new, it’s foreign and its confronting. Continue reading “Unpopular Opinion: Exchange is Hard”

Love from Zürich <3

When I left Australia for my exchange it was during a heatwave and when I first stepped foot in Zürich after leaving the airport there was snow on the ground. It kind of just sunk in at that moment that I truly was on the other side of the world and that my dream about going on exchange had come true. When I woke up the next morning and looked out my window it was like living in a real life snow globe and I was amazed by how beautiful the city was in the daylight. Continue reading “Love from Zürich <3”

Zurich -More than lakes

To many Zurich is not an exchange destination that springs to the mind when thrown the task of choosing where to go. So far I can only say that is an honest shame. Zurich, a city with lakes as clear as the Maldives, streets built by Roman cobblestones and air freshened by the alps, is most certainly looking a fine choice of exchange. The city lives for the idea of perfection, aesthetically and intellectually. Four hundred year old buildings have been excellently maintained (nor will they ever be replaced by 50 story apartment blocks), whilst trains will not be a minute late. Continue reading “Zurich -More than lakes”

Zürich – First Impressions

After a 32-hour transit from Sydney including a missed connection at Heathrow airport, I was looking forward to a little R&R when I first landed in Zurich 3 days ago. So far, I have yet to have slept for longer than 5 consecutive hours each night – partly due to the monstrous jetlag but also because, since I’ve arrived, I haven’t stopped. The experience so far is nearly overwhelming; luckily it’s also a lot of fun. Continue reading “Zürich – First Impressions”