Snow to Spring in Sweden

I’m already three months into my exchange at Lund University, Sweden and have had the most incredible time! The day after we arrived, Lund experienced its biggest snowstorm of the Winter so there was no slow adjustment to the cold. Lund is a cute university town in South Sweden, and less than an hour from Copenhagen. It feels very connected, and is also ten minutes away from Malmö, the third largest city in Sweden, but has the charm of a small town, and everything is a ten-minute bike ride away. Swedes are a lot more in touch with the seasons and weather compared to Australia, where we’re spoilt for sun. The last couple of weeks have meant the start of Spring and there are daffodils growing everywhere and we celebrate the small things like the first time we don’t have to wear gloves to bike somewhere. I wanted to experience a contrast to bustling Sydney, and definitely got that- but there’s still plenty of events and culture at Lund. The university regularly hosts events with prominent speakers such as the British ambassador to Sweden, and even Bob Dylan is including Lund in his European tour this month. Continue reading “Snow to Spring in Sweden”

“Why go to Sweden?” – Everyone

“So, why go to Sweden?” was the hot question I was asked from everyone I knew for the period between acceptance and my flight. To be honest, I had no idea why… I think it was the combination of snow and culture shock that I was after and that did not fail. I am currently studying at Lund, which is south-west Sweden. It is a 10 minute train ride from Malmö and 30 minute trip to Copenhagen, making it extremely easy for me to travel anywhere in Europe as you’ll see should you read on. Continue reading ““Why go to Sweden?” – Everyone”

You can get sick of the snow | Life in Uppsala

When I first got to Uppsala, there was snow everywhere and it was a dream. While it was a dream, it was accompanied with minus Celsius degree weather, which was a huge change from the + 40°C weather back in Sydney. To ease the pain of the cold, I recited the line “this is why I came to Sweden”, which has since been my mantra to help me appreciate, rather than dwell on the cold. Continue reading “You can get sick of the snow | Life in Uppsala”

The land of ice and snow-Sweden Exchange.

I have been happily calling Stockholm home for the last 2 months and what a magical home it has turned out to be. The city itself is arranged neatly on various small islands, covered in pastel coloured buildings making the gloom of the winter weather somewhat bearable. My room is one of 12 in a corridor and I have a view of a forest from my window, I am living at campus Lappis which is idyllically situated within a nation park.


View from my window.


Continue reading “The land of ice and snow-Sweden Exchange.”

Winter Wonderland: Stockholm, Sweden.

I started my study abroad journey with a booking for a one-way flight to one of the largest cities in Scandinavia – Stockholm, Sweden. I ended up landing in this enormous city in the middle of winter. I was very cold, very jetlagged, knee deep in snow, and with no idea of what would happen for the next six months of my life. I had no Swedish language skills, had never lived so far away from my friends and family, and had never had such a severe craving for Vegemite. I was so nervous to step out of the airport into an entirely different culture. But, it’s the things that make you nervous and excited that are worth doing. So, I ended up relying on my gut feeling that this would be a life changing experience. Continue reading “Winter Wonderland: Stockholm, Sweden.”

Stockholm – Gamla Stan “Old Town” and More…


My name is Joel. I’m an International UTS Business School student from the US and completing the last semester of my Master of Not-for-Profit and Social Enterprise Management at Stockholm University. I’m studying at the Department of Social Work, the Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship, and Stockholm Business School while I’m in Sweden. Continue reading “Stockholm – Gamla Stan “Old Town” and More…”