Chapter in life: Singapore

Sitting in my humidly stuffed dorm on a Saturday afternoon, it’s been one of those days where finals are coming up, and yet I am still contemplating whether to start studying or not. I have no clue what’s going on in my subjects, and frankly, I don’t care. These past 3 months an exchange have been too damn adventurous for me to sit still and regurgitate the implications of systematic risk on a diversified portfolio. Continue reading “Chapter in life: Singapore”

Singaporean Student Life!

Greetings from Singapore!

It’s been almost 3 months since I first landed in Singapore in January and the time has simply just flown by! It’s sad to think that I only have about 2 months left in this wonderful country, but you’re not here to hear about my woeful tales, so I’m going to give you a crash course on coming to Singapore for exchange.

So why should you come to Singapore?

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NTU & Singapore

I have spent almost 2 months here in Singapore now and this far it’s been nothing but great! I’ve made really good friends from all over the world and explored what Singapore has to offer as well as come to enjoy my classes at NTU.

The city of Singapore is a mix between east and west. It’s really modern and clean and has got everything from great shopping and nightlife to impressive nature and cultural sites. The locals are friendly and it’s really easy to get around thanks to the convenient MRT system.

The campus here at Nanyang Technological University is big and most of what you need you’ll find on campus (supermarket, 7-Eleven, banks, computer shop, pool, gym etc). It’s served by multiple buses however walking around is quite easy as soon as you’ve learned your way around. As for the food there is plenty of options in the campus canteens, offering everything from Asian cuisine such as Korean and Japanese, to western cuisine and chains like Subway and Starbucks etc. The food is really cheap, especially if you eat from the Asian stalls. There are lots of exchange students at NTU which makes it easy to make friends from different parts of the world.

I got lucky enough to get accommodation on campus, which is really cheap. I’m sharing a room with a girl from Malaysia and it’s working out really well despite previous concerns about not having my own space.

Our room when I first arrived (study area behind me)

Some of the places I’ve visited this far is China Town, Little India, Chinese Gardens, Gardens by the Bay, Orchard Road, Haw Par Villa and Kampong Buangkok. We also got the chance to celebrate SG50 and went to the Formula 1 Grand Prix. As for the nightlife, Singapore is a great city to go out in and there’s plenty of rooftop bars and nightclubs. There are multiple exchange groups run through Facebook which organises events and special deals for exchange students.

Gardens by the Bay
Little India
Sri Veeramakalimman Temple
Haw Par Villa
SG50 celebrations in Marina Bay
Rooftop clubs
Marina Bay
Marina Bay
Another advantage of living in Singapore is the great location and the cheap flight tickets available. I’ve already been to Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia and I’m leaving for a week in Taiwan in a couple of days, as well as having a weekend in Vietnam booked for later. I cannot wait to explore more of what Singapore and the rest of Asia has to offer!

Lina Lindegren, 11782455

Singapore Spring 2015

Singapore Exchange Blog

Hello! This blog will briefly cover my first month here in Singapore. I will focus on my initial arrival, living conditions, and what I’ve managed to go and do all in this first month.

I arrived in Singapore on a Sunday night, staying in a hostel as it was outside of the campus housing check-in times. This was roughly $25 AUD/SG (the currencies are currently equal) for a bed in 4 person room. The hostel had free Wi-Fi and breakfast.

The next day I caught a taxi to the NTU campus. The check in process was quite smooth, and soon I was all unpacked. I was fortunate to be allocated to on campus housing which is far cheaper than living in an apartment off campus. My rent fees for a little over 4 months are $1200. I was also lucky, as I was allocated to Hall 3, one of the newer halls, which has aircon.

Here is the room as I arrived. My room is a double room which I share with another exchange student from The Netherlands. Our single beds are off to the left in photo one, and below left in the second photo, separated by shelving units.

20150803_103343 20150803_103400

Hall 3 itself is split into 5 blocks. Each block is a 6 story building, with roughly 8 double and 2 single rooms on each floor. There is a shared bathroom on each floor, mine having 4 toilets and 4 showers. There is also a small sink, and a hot water dispenser on my level. I have been eating at any of the many canteens around the campus for most of my meals. Meals are quite cheap, with something like this chicken rice being $2.50. If you are more adventurous with your food than I am, you can try all kinds of things.


This past month I’ve seen a lot of Singapore. I’ve seen many, many huge malls, some even with canals and boats in them. I’ve seen Gardens by the Bay, the Marina Bay Sands, the Merlion and Sentosa. I also arrived in time to experience the festivities for Singapore’s 50th Birthday celebration, SG50. More recently I’ve been to Malaysia (twice now), and saw the first practice day of the Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix. Below are some photos of these experiences.


Canals inside a mall.


Gardens by the Bay


Marina Bay Sands




“50” formation flight during the SG50 celebrations.


One of the many monkeys at Batu caves, Malaysia.


One of the Redbull drivers during a F1 practice session.

Pharrel at the Grand Prix Concert

Singapore is a major travel hub within South East Asia, and I already have 2 trips planned over the next month or so. I would definitely recommend you to strongly consider Singapore for your exchange semester!

Damon Croxton, 11379017