Unpopular Opinion: Exchange is Hard

I debated for days as to whether I should stick to the norm of these blogs and sugar coat my experience with tales of beautiful scenery, new friends and experiences (all relevant), but I think it is really important for anyone considering exchange to understand that it isn’t just easy breezy socialising and flirting about in a new country. It’s hard and it’s new, it’s foreign and its confronting. Continue reading “Unpopular Opinion: Exchange is Hard”

Winter Wonderland: Stockholm, Sweden.

I started my study abroad journey with a booking for a one-way flight to one of the largest cities in Scandinavia – Stockholm, Sweden. I ended up landing in this enormous city in the middle of winter. I was very cold, very jetlagged, knee deep in snow, and with no idea of what would happen for the next six months of my life. I had no Swedish language skills, had never lived so far away from my friends and family, and had never had such a severe craving for Vegemite. I was so nervous to step out of the airport into an entirely different culture. But, it’s the things that make you nervous and excited that are worth doing. So, I ended up relying on my gut feeling that this would be a life changing experience. Continue reading “Winter Wonderland: Stockholm, Sweden.”

Chapter in life: Singapore

Sitting in my humidly stuffed dorm on a Saturday afternoon, it’s been one of those days where finals are coming up, and yet I am still contemplating whether to start studying or not. I have no clue what’s going on in my subjects, and frankly, I don’t care. These past 3 months an exchange have been too damn adventurous for me to sit still and regurgitate the implications of systematic risk on a diversified portfolio. Continue reading “Chapter in life: Singapore”

Copenhagen: the city of castles, Carlsberg and cycling

I can barely believe it’s been a month that I have called this lovely city home.

My first mission when I arrived at my new home, Signalhuset Kollegiet, was to purchase a bicycle. After a little searching around on Facebook pages I managed to secure my pretty bike which has become my bestfriend here. Continue reading “Copenhagen: the city of castles, Carlsberg and cycling”

China Exchange, The Trip Of a Lifetime

I am currently halfway through my exchange experience studying at Shanghai University in China. A fact that I am still coming to grips with, it seems that only a week ago I said goodbye to my family and friends and hopped on a plane to China. I feel like that really summarizes the most outstanding feature of shanghai, that being that this is one hell of a faced paced city. Continue reading “China Exchange, The Trip Of a Lifetime”