The biggest difficulty in assimilating to Danish culture is getting used to being in a state of perpetual relaxation. Denmark is a utopia; everything here just works. Everywhere is reachable by bicycle, your classes don’t start until quarter past the hour, the rush hour is over by 17.30 in the afternoon, and there is a great sense of communal living; everyone here is working for the collective good of the country’s citizens. Continue reading “Copenwithflanigan”

So far impressed by the TU Delft Dutch treat

I’m going on into my third week of being here in on exchange at TU Deft in the Netherlands.

My first week was all about getting acclimatized to the new time zone (I lived in LA for a month prior to arriving here), getting the keys to my new student accommodation flat, grokking how to navigate the area from flat to the uni. It’s a 20 minute walk. I haven’t bought a bicycle yet but plan to do so next week. Continue reading “So far impressed by the TU Delft Dutch treat”