Annyeonghaseyo from South Korea

Hi everyone!

I started my exchange here at Yonsei University on February 21st and have been here for exactly a month now at the time of this post. Many people go to exchange for various reasons such as revisiting family that live in the exchange country, explore a new culture and/or to pursue personal growth. My reason was the latter, I came to South Korea knowing a fair bit about the culture and was looking for pursue independence in a country where I would essentially have to start from nothing – no friends or family to anchor me. Continue reading “Annyeonghaseyo from South Korea”

Seoul Searching

Travelling alone to a new city for the first time can be daunting, especially when you don’t know the language and everything is foreign. Fortunately, Seoul happens to be a very safe, tourist friendly place so I settled in quite easily. And that brief moment of fear I had as I landed was quickly replaced by the wonderment of this bright, bustling city. Continue reading “Seoul Searching”

Heart and Seoul

Lets get some things straight. Coming to an Asian country, whose language that you cant speak is hard. You cant communicate the way you want to, you cant ask how peoples days are, nor can you say you don’t want mustard on your chips.
The language is the greatest barrier and when you arrive at your new school there will be quite a few administrative stuff to do like opening a bank account, an alien registration card, buying living items, changing classes etc
But its all worth it. This is literally once in a life time opportunity to live and breath in another country for 4+ months. Continue reading “Heart and Seoul”

Seoul City is the place to be!

If your asking yourself right now should i go to Korea on exchange? The answer is : absolutely!


I was once in your shoes, but hey! currently i am in Seoul, Korea on exchange at Yonsei University and I am loving every single moment.

I did have high expectations for Yonsei University, and Yonsei definitely delivered and exceeded them on a whole new level.

The campus is beautiful and both staff and students are extremely helpful, especially with directions or any questions you may have about Korea or the university itself.



  • The campus is so beautiful/insta-worthy 😉
  • Food on campus is cheap, you can get pasta for 3,000won ($4 AUD) and there’s a great variety. Ranging from Korean meals, bentos, pizza etc
  • The teachers/professors are all very friendly/helpful (they bring you snacks !!!)
  • The library is amazing (great collection and the perfect place to study)
  • The Yonsei Campus has everything. eg: bank, cafateria, starbucks, union shop, bakery, optometrist, book shop.
  • One of the biggest/well-known hospitals in Korea, Yonsei’s Severance hospital is on-site at the university
  • There’s a lot of societies that you can join, ranging from hip-hop to volleyball and they are extremely open to exchange students signing up!


  • There is a gym, laundry room, computer lab, kitchen and several lounge areas
  • The dorms have good security, (24 hour night guard)
  • There is someone always at the front desk to help you with anything (eg, from when your sink gets clogged to when you need medical services)
  • You can choose between individual rooms or shared rooms
  • The dorms are very close to your classes
  • The bottom level has a cafe/restaurant/place to get a phone contract/convenience store/burger shop
  • The area Sinchon, is a nice area to live in



  • Korea’s delivery service: basically in Korea they deliver everything from McDonalds to Schnitzel to Sushi. Wherever you want, whenever you want.
  • KFC : Korean Fried Chicken is only 16,000won ($20 aud)
  • A lot of places are 24hour, and the shopping centres open till at least 8:30pm everyday
  • Street food is everywhere, and it’s cheap and delicious




I remember before coming on exchange i had a heap of questions, and really just wanted to know what the dorms were like? what is there to eat on campus?

So definitely if you have any questions at all or want a better look at what Korea is like and what Yonsei University is like feel free to check out my vlogs and post any questions which i will try to answer to the best of my ability 🙂

Eunice Oh, 12005207

Buddies and Cheering Culture at Korea University <3

Hi! My name is Sherryne and I’ve been on exchange at Korea University (KU) for about a month or so now (and I’m loving it!!). It is relatively inexpensive to live in Korea, plus the food is delicious and the shopping is great! Korea is also the home of the best fried chicken I’ve ever eaten, and the most amazing dessert called bingsu (finely shaved ice with various toppings). Below, I have focused on two things that I have experienced as an exchange student at KU: KUBA and the Ko Yon Sports Festival.

Caramel Coffee, Berry Cheesecake and Chocolate Bingsu!
Caramel Coffee, Berry Cheesecake and Chocolate Bingsu!


KU has this great program called KUBA (Korea University Buddy Assistance) where every exchange student is assigned a buddy (each buddy has about 3-4 exchange students), and each buddy group is placed into a larger group with other buddies and exchange students (about 100 people in total). The KUBA buddies are really helpful! I had bought a prepaid sim card from the airport (bad idea), but wanted to  cancel it and go with a different telecom provider. My buddy helped me cancel my other prepaid service and set up a new one – calling the companies and communicating with them on my behalf. Even though it was a long process, she said she was really happy she could help me with something!

Also, the KUBA groups organise two outings a week (one for lunch, the other for dinner) and fortnightly weekend group activities to explore Seoul! These meet ups and activities are a great way to make friends with other exchange students and other Korean buddies. KUBA buddies will also introduce you to Korean drinking games, which are a lot of fun! If you don’t like to drink, don’t worry, you can still participate in the games with just a glass of water. Thanks to KUBA, I can be sure to always find someone to eat, explore and have fun with!

Visit to Hanok Village
Visit to Hanok Village
Group visit to a popular Korean Food Market
Group visit to a popular Korean Food Market
KUBA Group 8
KUBA Group 8

고연전: Korea v Yonsei Sports Festival

One of the highlights of my exchange so far definitely has to be 고연전!! Every year, Korea University and Yonsei University (two of the three most prestigious universities in Korea) battle it out in five sports over two days: Baseball, Basketball, Ice Hockey, Rugby, and Soccer. The energy at these games is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before. If you think you’re going to just watch the games and shout out a few words of support, you’re in for a shock. Before the games even start, you’ll be doing choreographed cheers… during the entirety of each game, you’ll be cheering… and even in the breaks you’ll be cheering! Some cheers make fun of Yonsei (Yonsei chicken!) while others support KU. The cheering culture in Korea is no joke – it is intense, crazy and whole lot of fun!! KUBA holds a cheering orientation for all the exchange students before the event to help you learn all the cheers (there’s about 20 of them!). After a short break at the end of the second day to replenish your energy, cheering continues at the after party on the streets around both universities! After cheering for two days, you’ll still be singing the cheers in your head and be suffering from cheering withdrawal! Even though KU is only my foster university, I felt a lot of KU pride over those two days. Go dae, go dae, go dae!!

Day 1: KU Pride!
Day 1: KU Pride!
Day 2: Post Ko Yon Jeon
Day 2: Post Ko Yon Jeon

I highly recommend Korea as an exchange destination, and KU as a host university!

By Sherryne Dayoub 11400456