Venezia, mio tesoro unico

Venice, my unique treasure…
Written by Elyse Popplewell.

For a visitor of Venice, sauntering in the historic calli is like taking a limoncello shot. It’s overwhelming, gloriously intoxicating and very, very Italian. Living and studying here is a little bit different. Don’t be mistaken, each solo stroll by the canals is so surreal that you feel like you’ve floated over the last 28 bridges instead of stepping over pigeons at each turn. Unlike tourists, you’ll be graciously pulled back to the stone streets by the intrigue of Venice as the most unique city in Italy, the way only a residente can see it. Continue reading “Venezia, mio tesoro unico”

Vivere una vita bella

An Italian phrase which translates to ‘live a beautiful life’, I have to say that I’m on track for creating a fantastic experience abroad. I must admit, the lead up to embarking on this adventure was nerve-wracking and emotionally charged, with stress and anxiety levels reaching an all time high. The fear of the unknown, all the ‘what ifs?’ and leaving the security blanket of familiarity was hard to overcome, but now that I’m here, all of those worries have completely dissipated. Continue reading “Vivere una vita bella”

Making Mozzarella

There are many joys in life. Mozzarella is one of them. The small town of Ravello sits 365 mts above the beautiful Tyrrhenian sea by the Amalfi coast. Perched in the mountains, it is home to iconic cliffside gardens and renowned cooking classes. Mozzarella was first made near Naples, a city we also visited which sits in a bay at the foot of Mount Vesuvius. Because Mozzarella was originally made from the rich milk of water buffalos and not from pasturized milk and b ecause there was little or no refrigeration, the cheese had a very short shelf life and left the southern region of Italy. That’s what the books say! Continue reading “Making Mozzarella”

Milano Exchange!

Global Exchange feelings and expectations – Milano

Hello Everybody !

My start to exchange was somewhat rocky… Due to peak season “Ferraugosto” time, airport closures and me trying to squeeze in as much travelling into 5 weeks of summer as possible. Finally, I have made it to Milan safe and sound ready for the semester ahead that awaits! Continue reading “Milano Exchange!”

My life in Milan

If you want that Italian experience, come and stay a day where I live in Milan. Next door to me is a pizzeria, run by the affable, moustached old man named Mario. While neither of us can speak each other’s languages properly, we engage regularly in disjointed and funny half English, half Italian and mostly Google translated conversations. For me and my room-mate Will, Mario has really provided and truly heightened our exchange experience. Not only does Mario entertain us with his hospitality but also his pizzeria provides the goods. Between 10-13 euros (approximately $18 Australian) Will and I often purchase Pizzas with a diameter of over 1 metre! If that wasn’t enough, Mario will often slip in some extra slices that he has as take-away, free of charge. We will on average visit Mario twice a week and during times we have had guests almost everyday. Truly a beautiful example of Italian symbiosis at work, he feeds our bellies and we in turn gladly feed his pockets. Continue reading “My life in Milan”