A Gringo Abroad

Before I acquaint you with La Universidad de Montevideo, perhaps it’s wiser to get our bearings of where the university is located.

Montevideo is the capital city of Uruguay- a country tucked in neatly between Brazil and Argentina. It has a modest population of 3.4 million people, giving it bragging rights of being the smallest nation in Latin America
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La Vida en Mexico

So, I’ve been in Mexico for a little more than 2 months now and I cannot stress how great Mexico specifically Cholula is a great choice for exchange. I’m living in Cholula in a state called Puebla, and to give you a context its a trendy little suburb that could be compared to a mix between Newtown and Surry Hills. It’s full of great restaurants, trendy bars and lots of Mexican culture. So while you are in Mexico, which may feel like quite a daunting place Cholula is a very comfortable, homey place to live. Continue reading “La Vida en Mexico”

Experiencing Exchange in Incredible Indonesia

Four weeks ago I left my family, chicken salt and Vegemite to live in Yogyakarta Indonesia with no friends, no Indonesian language skills, nor any idea of where I would reside for the next 6 months of my life. Today I realise that that leap of faith (AKA my yolo move) was the best decision I could have ever made. From the incredible food, friendly locals and loud sounds of the cities, Indonesia continues to amaze me every day.

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¡Órale! Vamos a México

They say that a month into exchange the excitement of the new things around you wears off a little bit and you begin to miss home. But I can say at this point, I am still delighted to be here, with new opportunities and experiences knocking at the door constantly! Of course there are moments when you question yourself but the key is not to let those thoughts have significance! Exchange will be one of the most stimulating experiences in your life! Continue reading “¡Órale! Vamos a México”