What I’ve learnt from being in Munich for 2 days

Munich is a beautiful city surrounded by mountains, lakes and fields, full of history with old and interesting buildings, mouth-watering beer and food and I’m sitting here thinking about community.

I just moved into my new student accommodation 2 days ago after spending 7 weeks travelling around Germany visiting friends and family. I’ve visited castles, lakes, mountains, ski slopes and the zoo and have been part of the Carnival. I’ve travelled about 40 hours on trains and 15 on busses, and saw some people I hadn’t seen in 5 years. And now I’m at my destination, Munich. Continue reading “What I’ve learnt from being in Munich for 2 days”

From Prague With Love

Leaving Sydney’s scorching heat of 40ºC to arrive to Prague’s blistering winter of -6ºC was quite the shock. For me, the coldest weather I’ve experienced is the chiller section in woolies. I was glad to have packed my kathmandu thermals as they proved useful for all of February. Arriving in Prague was overwhelming, I was welcomed at the airport by my Czech buddy Honza where we took an Uber to the dormitories. Despite 26 hours of flying, staring out the window to see the snow was incredible. Before then, I had only seen snow at Thredbo. Continue reading “From Prague With Love”

City Uni, in depth!

Hey there. My name is Amy and I’m on a semester-long exchange at the City University, Hong Kong (CityU). If you’re interested in exchange in Hong Kong, check out my previous blog post here. In this post, I’ll be expanding more in depth about the subjects I wrote in my previous blog. Hopefully this is useful to any students considering CityU at Hong Kong.

Continue reading “City Uni, in depth!”