Exchange in Reims, France

The thing about France is that it throws you into the deep end. In Amsterdam they speak perfect English, in Berlin all university students are close to fluent English speakers, in Dublin there is no language barrier at all but in France… in France they can say “yes.” While a lot of the students in this country speak English amongst the older generations English speaking is certainly not so common. I know what you’re thinking, “Olivia…what did you expect?” and to answer you: I certainly did not expect to spontaneously combust after trying to pay my rent for the 1st month entirely in French, but that just about happened.
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Started from the bottom (of the world) now we’re here

Ryerson University, a technical focused institution in the heart of downtown Toronto, just down the road from the prestigious University of Toronto. It has a whole bunch of brutalist style buildings sitting next to super modern fancy looking building, and the internet occasionally doesn’t work. Sound familiar?

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Guten Tag!

Spring is here! The birds are chirping, the sun is out and an array of flowers fills the cityscape. It has been 27 days since I arrived in Germany, and my understanding of this historic land continues to be enriched each day. The HfG University is situated in Schwäbisch Gmünd, a small rural town located southwest of Germany. Living in a small town has provided time for considered reflection on the abundance of experiences and perspectives available. Continue reading “Guten Tag!”

The land of ice and snow-Sweden Exchange.

I have been happily calling Stockholm home for the last 2 months and what a magical home it has turned out to be. The city itself is arranged neatly on various small islands, covered in pastel coloured buildings making the gloom of the winter weather somewhat bearable. My room is one of 12 in a corridor and I have a view of a forest from my window, I am living at campus Lappis which is idyllically situated within a nation park.


View from my window.


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Hej from København!

On January 2nd I said an emotional farewell to my family and friends in Sydney as I prepared for my departure to Copenhagen. Although thinking back, the hardest goodbye was almost definitely to the sun. Leaving Australian summer for Danish winter suddenly seemed like quite a crazy idea. Nevertheless I hoped on my flight fuelled with excitement for my next adventure. 30 hours later and 30 degrees colder, I arrived in Copenhagen. Continue reading “Hej from København!”