Salut, Bonjour et bonne journée!

You might remember being in high school, doing your HSC exams and the small eternities that stretch between the teacher calling “one minute left!” and the timer going off. That’s what exchange feels like; a weird mix of stress and excitement, and having no time and too much time all at once. Or maybe that’s just me, and I ascribe too much sentimentalism to the HSC exams that led me here to Nantes, France. Continue reading “Salut, Bonjour et bonne journée!”

Head in a Fishbowl

The first thing that people would say when I told them I was going on exchange was –

“Man I totally wish I had done an exchange!”

Followed by –

“You’re going by yourself?!”

These two sentences adequately sum up my exchange experience so far, it’s always been something I’ve wanted to do knowing I would regret it if I didn’t, but also something that I knew would stretch my character. Continue reading “Head in a Fishbowl”

Berlin Beginings

Berlin is great. You already knew that. But it is great!

Arriving early march was painful, coming from the lovely warm spa town of Baden-Baden in germany’s south. I had known this cold before but the wind was bitter. My roomate revealed to me, that the repressing cold only made the locals want to go out with greater desire, party harder and return to their rugs and heaters. The beer is cheap with food, art and cinema everywhere – the city burns at night against the cold. Continue reading “Berlin Beginings”

Pre-Semester Travels

Firstly, whilst Germans are stereotyped for their efficiency, they do not hesitate to schedule their semesters much later than the rest of Europe. This being said, I won’t officially begin my studies until the latter half of April at TUM in Munich. As such, I am unqualified to comment on my studies over here! However, I left home in early January and have spent much time living out the Aussie travelling stereotype; venturing as far east as Russia and also to the most westerly point on the European mainland in Portugal.  Here are some of my reflections after months on the road. Continue reading “Pre-Semester Travels”