A snowy Montréal

Winter is very different as you could imagine in comparison to a winter season in Australia. Before I arrived in Montréal I spent two days in Toronto to visit some family and get a taste of the cold Canadian air. My cousins were my personal guides, showing off Yonge Street and some popular fast food restaurants whilst also giving me basic advice about Montréal. I went shopping with them for essential outerwear (snow boots and jacket, heat-tech shirts, scarves) and the shoes I wore all day that were brought from Australia fell apart. They were tested against the Canadian elements and failed miserably after two days.
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Started from the bottom (of the world) now we’re here

Ryerson University, a technical focused institution in the heart of downtown Toronto, just down the road from the prestigious University of Toronto. It has a whole bunch of brutalist style buildings sitting next to super modern fancy looking building, and the internet occasionally doesn’t work. Sound familiar?

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Montreal reminds me of a slightly larger sized Melbourne. With its cool hipster streets, arts and comedy culture, I kind of feel like I’m home. Little cool eateries are scattered throughout the city, on every corner and in between. It wasn’t until I arrived here that I was informed that Montreal has the highest number of restaurants per Capita in Canada (2nd in North America only to New York). I soon realised there was a lot I didn’t know about this funky, eclectic, French-Canadian city. Here are some of the fun facts I’ve learned about Montreal in my past week of living here. Continue reading “Montreal”