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Why City U is the place to be! – Hong Kong

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Hey there, my name is Lucy and if you’ve ever considered going on exchange, I would totally support you. During the past few weeks of my exchange to City University of Hong Kong, I’ve learnt qualities like independence, survival and how to cook for myself! (Well, at least more than two-minute noodles!).

Anyway, enough about me, and let me tell you about this fabulous place known as City U.

As I stated earlier, in my first post, I am currently staying in Student Residence in City U. I am in one of the newer halls (with air-con and a fan!), and I am loving being so close to campus. Speaking of campus, there are so many things one should know, especially if you are considering coming to City U.


Academic Buildings

For starters, the Academic buildings here can be very confusing! Unbeknownst to some, AC2 and AC3 connect, which makes life much easier if I am running late to class some mornings. A good tip would be to find and remember the connecting levels, and how to get there efficiently! Also, room numbers are completely different, and very hard to miss. In AC1, also known as the Yeung Kin Man Building, lecture theatres have colour coded signs, starting with “LT…” to make things sooo much easier. Most buildings have different coloured sections in the same building. The room numbers are a little complicated to figure out sometimes. It usually starts with the colour letter first than floor number, followed by the room number. For example, “G5-134” or “B6-173.”


Canteens on Campus

The food at City U, is cheap, good quality and is easy to find. If you live in Residence, you cannot miss the place to eat; Homey Kitchen. Not only does it have good food, it is usually the most common meeting place for friends who all live in different halls. It’s nice to catch up over some fried rice, and hot lemon tea after a long week. Homey is also plentiful, with snacks, drinks and ice-cream for all your cravings for those late night study sessions. Other canteens include AC1 level 5, which is the mecca of all canteens, AC2 level 3, which serves some good Western classics, like burgers and fries and lastly AC3 level 7, the fanciest bistro there ever was.

If you happen to explore campus, you’ll also find Ebeneezer’s Kebab Station and the 9th Floor Canteen, (which I haven’t tried as yet, but I hear it has pricey items).


Off Campus

Located off campus, other than the beauty that is Hong Kong, is the suburb of Kowloon Tong. Now, if you needed to leave campus, AC1 is connected to the local shopping centre, Festival Walk. Festival Walk contains a variety of designer shops, cinemas and an ice skating rink. Festival Walk is linked to the Kowloon Tong MTR Station, which is the most efficient public transport system here. Make sure to get yourself an Octopus card, equivalent to an Opal card, but much, much better.

City U offers so many extracurricular activities for students. During my free time, I have signed up for Yoga classes, located in a multi function hall in Student Residence. I have also signed up for the International Society, which runs events like hiking, boat parties and so much more!


Overall, City U has been a great place to live, and I’m looking forward to making some great memories. Thank you, City U!!

Lucinda Scotting


Bachelor of Creative Writing

City University of Hong Kong

Hong Kong

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