Hej from København!

On January 2nd I said an emotional farewell to my family and friends in Sydney as I prepared for my departure to Copenhagen. Although thinking back, the hardest goodbye was almost definitely to the sun. Leaving Australian summer for Danish winter suddenly seemed like quite a crazy idea. Nevertheless I hoped on my flight fuelled with excitement for my next adventure. 30 hours later and 30 degrees colder, I arrived in Copenhagen. I always like to arrive in new places in the day so that I can really get a feel for a city and try to get my bearings. In saying that, my flight budget didn’t allow for the privilege of being so selective. Arriving in pitch black (5pm) I was met by my mentors who very kindly picked me up from the airport. We took at taxi to my college or kollegiet as they say here only to discover that the office was closed and I couldn’t pick up my keys. Feeling very sorry for my self I contemplated spending my weekly budget on a night a hotel, but Sine (one of my mentors) generously said I could sleep on her couch. I thanked her weeks later with a bottle of yellow tail Shiraz. Hopefully she appreciated the sentimental value.

Waking up the next day I was overcome with excitement. Not least because I could see the city I would be spending the next six months in. It was a beautiful sunny day and I couldn’t wait to get to my kollegiet. I took an Uber (something I’ve been trying to cut down on since being here) to my place. It was defiantly worth the wait. It’s called Tietgenkollegiet and has won many architecture awards. It’s quite an incredible building and I was so glad to be living in it.

We have communal kitchens and there are twelve people to a kitchen; 10 Danes and 2 exchange students. This was perfect for me as I was wary of being in an exchange bubble and not meeting any actual Danish people. They were all incredibly kind and welcoming. And still are.

Three months in and I can’t believe I’m already half way through. Time is certainly flying. I’ve learnt a lot about Danish culture, namely the famous ‘hygge.’ I’m also loving the bike culture, although that definitely took some adjusting to, being slightly uncoordinated. Its spring now and the temperatures in double digits! Sometimes.

I highly recommend Copenhagen for anyone thinking about going on exchange. It’s such beautiful city and the people are amazing. The best advice I would give is, learn to grind your own coffee. Unless you want to fork out $8 for a flat white.


Flora Fraser


Bachelor of Communications (Public Communications)

University of Copenhagen 



Annyeonghaseyo from South Korea

Hi everyone!

I started my exchange here at Yonsei University on February 21st and have been here for exactly a month now at the time of this post. Many people go to exchange for various reasons such as revisiting family that live in the exchange country, explore a new culture and/or to pursue personal growth. My reason was the latter, I came to South Korea knowing a fair bit about the culture and was looking for pursue independence in a country where I would essentially have to start from nothing – no friends or family to anchor me.

So far this experience has been invaluable to me as I have become more open especially when it comes to making new friends. I have already made plenty of lifelong friends from Canada, America and Hong Kong that I will miss once exchange is over. In my opinion, as someone living in the dorms, you tend to see the same group of people everyday and it’s personally rewarding to just say hello and then eventually hang out with them. Everyone is on exchange and like most are open to making friends with other people from different countries. I highly recommend living in the dorms as it is easier to make friends compared to living outside thIMG_20170302_125339_365e university.

Life in Korea has also been great – I think one thing that is constantly mentioned in Korean exchange blogs is definitely the nightlife. Korean nightlife is nuts! Especially in the areas of Hongdae and Sinchon where Yonsei is closely located to. The streets are always bustling as people roam the streets and many street performances can be seen – singing and dancing are a common sight. Street food is also another plus as they are usually quite tasty and cheap (between $3-5 AUD). There are other activities such as clubs, bars, PC bangs, cafes and arcades among others that you can enjoy as part of your stay in Korea.

There are also plenty of ‘touristy’ activities that you can do such as visiting N Seoul Tower or visiting the beaches at Busan. I haven’t had much of a chance to do these activities yet but look forward to marking them off my bucket list within the exchange period. One piece of advice I would to provide is that if you live in the dorms you will be required to check in one week before classes start. During that one week, you should definitely try to visit as many of Korea’s attractions.


I wish the best of luck to all future exchange students and hope you have a wonderful experience in South Korea.

David Yin (12400584)
Masters of Finance
Yonsei University



My ‘Hygge’ Exchange in Denmark!!

Hi UTS Fam,

its been a pleasure to be given an opportunity to write a blog on something that I can’t describe in words. Exchange – when I decided to apply for exchange programme, I was sure that I wanted to go Europe. After evaluating different universities in terms of ranking and reputation, I made up my mind to go on an exchange in Denmark. And I got an admission in Copenhagen Business School (CBS). Though, I didn’t want to leave my home, I was prepared for the exciting times ahead in Europe.

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Singaporean Student Life!

Greetings from Singapore!

It’s been almost 3 months since I first landed in Singapore in January and the time has simply just flown by! It’s sad to think that I only have about 2 months left in this wonderful country, but you’re not here to hear about my woeful tales, so I’m going to give you a crash course on coming to Singapore for exchange.

So why should you come to Singapore?

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