City Uni, in depth!

Hey there. My name is Amy and I’m on a semester-long exchange at the City University, Hong Kong (CityU). If you’re interested in exchange in Hong Kong, check out my previous blog post here. In this post, I’ll be expanding more in depth about the subjects I wrote in my previous blog. Hopefully this is useful to any students considering CityU at Hong Kong.

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The ‘Not Oxford’ Oxford Experience

Words cannot truly capture the odd yet incredible adventure that has been the first five weeks at Oxford Brookes. I’ve lived through moments I could only have ever dreamed of and experienced every emotion under the sun. It has been a roller coaster but I hope these few brief words can do Oxford some justice. Continue reading “The ‘Not Oxford’ Oxford Experience”

Copenhagen, Not just the happiest place in the world.

Copenhagen, a city known for many things, spectacular architecture, wonderful history, cheap(er) beer and the famous biking Vikings. And I can tell you it’s all true and much much more.  Copenhagen is a city overflowing with culture. The city itself feels close-nit and dense with especially during nice summer days where everyone congregates by their nearest body of water.  The canals, rivers and beaches that have influenced the history and architecture of the city. Continue reading “Copenhagen, Not just the happiest place in the world.”