Copenhagen, Not just the happiest place in the world.

Copenhagen, a city known for many things, spectacular architecture, wonderful history, cheap(er) beer and the famous biking Vikings. And I can tell you it’s all true and much much more.  Copenhagen is a city overflowing with culture. The city itself feels close-nit and dense with especially during nice summer days where everyone congregates by their nearest body of water.  The canals, rivers and beaches that have influenced the history and architecture of the city. Continue reading “Copenhagen, Not just the happiest place in the world.”

Hej Lund!

Settling into Lund was a breeze, people of all ages speak fluent English and are quite friendly and eager to help you out. The town itself was founded in 1020 and is adorable with colourful architecture and cobbled streets being in the centre and student housing surrounding it. Virtually no one has a car so the entire town is littered with bicycles, there aren’t many hills so it is no sweat to bicycle everywhere. Just make sure you purchase a good bicycle, this is imperative. It is summer right now so everything is lush and every 100 metres is a blooming apple tree, making for great snacks.
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